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20 February 2023

Do you want to increase your followers on TikTok? Or want to get more followers on TikTok in real ways? Join us to show you in this article to improve your profession and abilities in some practical suggested ways.

TikTok is the newest and most popular platform with more than 100 million monthly active users Making it a great source to gain more audiences and increase your credibility, therefore, attracting some attention for bigger opportunities.
First, you need to recognize your audience to share content with them. Recognizing your audience is the first step to getting more followers, after that you have to get acquainted with their communities and needs. What do they want? What do they like? And what is more popular in their community?
By understanding these issues better, you can move forward and succeed. Another way to understand your audience is to see what other influencers do, and what content they create. Get help from famous videos to get acquainted with the style of work and get ideas from them in publishing your content.

1. Find your target audience

Communicate with your audience to find out what is their desires. Ask them about their favorite issues and content that they like to watch on this platform. You can design a question box to ask different types of questions on other social media, to get acquainted with your audience. This can help you to have a friendly relationship with them and know their needs. Make sure that you know their interests then create proper content.
Furthermore, pay attention to your competitors and influencers that are active in your profession. Watch their content and videos to create your content in the best way.

Also, you can get help from other websites and platforms that you have. What kind of content do you produce? Do they like the videos and topics you have created? It can be a useful method to identify your audience.
Remember, you can’t persuade everyone, so have a correct plan to create unique content in order to reach your purpose.

2. Designing challenges on your contents

TikTok is a famous platform because of its challenges. Content creators or influencers design challenges to create an interesting context for the audience and followers. In this way, you encourage them to exciting activities, and consequently, they get interested in your content.

Some challenges are such as dancing, daring and so more that are useful to increase followers.

3. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are the next helpful way to grow your followers. Hashtags help your TikTok content to be seen by more followers.
Such as Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media platforms, hashtags help users find your content. To use it correctly in the best captions, keep reading the following text.
They help you easily through searching and convert your page into an effective marketing tool for your profession and brand. You need to type hashtags in relevant posts on your captions and look for those that are popular to help you to be seen on TikTok. So using the right hashtag will help people who don’t already follow you, then they can find your content.
You should know what hashtags are useful for you. There are some ways to find out what hashtags are trending and what are suggestion hashtags on TikTok. When you create a caption you can find trending hashtags. By hitting the # suggestion relevant hashtags will appear to you.

4. Share your content at the right times 

One of the most effective items for growing your followers is finding the best time to share your content in order to reach your goals. It is essential to figure out the proper time by understanding the information from heading into your creator tools and checking out your analytics.
Tap on the followers tab, then go down to find Follower activity. In this option, you can see what days and times your followers are most active. Just a little before they go online, publish your post to reach the best results.

5. Collaborate with TikTok influencers

Another way that is not for free is collaborating with influencers. It is an effective way to work with influencers who are active in your profession. Try to find and communicate with influencers who are proper to your budget. Some of them are so expensive and receive high costs, but some others are more affordable such as micro-influencers.

6. Cross-promote your TikTok videos

Be active on other social media services and let them know about your TikTok channel. Invite them to your TikTok channel to promote yourself and grab the followers’ attention.

Use YouTube and Instagram to promote your content on TikTok. They offer a special version of short-form video content to promote your TikTok content. You can publish videos on Twitter or Instagram which contain the TikTok logo on your video screen. So advertising your TikTok channel on other platforms can help you to offer your followers an easy way to access your content.

7. Use TikTok features to engage your audience

Try to use TikTok features to grow up your channel. For example, TikTok has a useful feature that enables you to add your video to the end of the clip of another user’s video. It is a great way to introduce your channel to the audience.

Furthermore, you can engage with other content producers or influencers through commentslikes, and reactions to their videos.

Add your videos to relevant content which are similar to your brands.

8. Try to publish lots of content

Publish more content on your page to attract more followers. The more content you share, the more chances you have to attract more followers. Never remove your content from your TikTok page. Having lots of content on your page can increase your chances of getting more followers.

9. TikTok provides Ads to attract more followers

The last suggested way is advertising and using TikTok ads. It is not for free, and it depends on your budget, if you can afford the cost, it is a proper method for you. Using TikTok Ads Manager can help you to access a global TikTok audience.

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