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1 March 2023

As the Medium getting progressed in the past few years, it converted into a hope for whom that are getting frustrated and their content is not presenting well on other platforms.

This platform values your article and can boost your profession where the famous and prominent people stand. If you are a newcomer to Medium and are not a professional writer or have a few readers on your blog, we will here introduce you to simple ways to get more noticed on Medium.

According to our team experiment on SocialStore, the following useful tips can be effective for you.

1. Select a fabulous Image

Using a unique image for your blog is important for being successful and attracting more readers to your blog on Medium. The image should display what your blog is about.

Use a proper image right after your headline to show your blog to readers as well as possible. People can remember images better than other things, so selecting a wonderful image is an effective way to increase engagement and interaction on your blog.

Eye-catching visual content can be a considerable factor in grabbing people’s attention on Medium. 

2. Use advertising on other platforms

Use advertising to submit your Medium blog on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to make your blog known to everyone. You may pay for advertising, but it’s worth it to promote your blog on other platforms.

Use advertisements where you are sure your target audiences are also active on Medium too.

Receiving almost 200-hearts a day can convert your article into a trending topic, put your article on the platform’s content recommendation article, and improve your position on Medium.

3. Remove & Republish Your Articles

Some of your articles may be overlooked for some reason. In this situation, you can remove your article and publish it again for your readers.

Try your luck again and give your article a chance. Maybe the second time it will be noticed by the readers.

You will succeed when you cannot believe it because success in the medium is accidental.

If you tried one time or even two times and didn’t get your desired results, don’t worry and don’t be frustrated. You can try it more, but you should be patient for one or two months and then republish your article again.

4. Using Mentions

Another way to get the audience’s attention to your content is to use the mentions in your article. You can mention another writer in your article to show respect to other writers that are related to your content.

By mentioning a writer in your article, it will appear in his profile and followers can see it.

If you want to mention someone in your article,

At first, type the @ symbol and enter the name of the person you want to mention, and tap on the Enter option.

Don’t use mentions frequently or overdo it because it could be known as an act of “clout-chasing” 

5. Build Your Twitter & Facebook Fans

Getting more followers on Facebook and Twitter means getting more readers on Medium because your actions directly affect each other on these platforms.

Medium can sync your followers to correspond to your Twitter and Facebook followers automatically. Hence, the more you try on these platforms, the more you will be successful on Medium. Try to improve yourself on Twitter and Facebook to attract more attention on Medium.

6. Appreciate your readers 

Generally, appreciating readers can make you popular among your audience, and readers will have a good feeling about following you. But you can especially thank those readers that comment or give you a heart on your article. These readers take the time to read your content and then leave comments there. It is important to be patient and answer or appreciate them. Try it. Just by introducing yourself and answering them, you can turn them into your fans.

7. Invite people to follow you. 

Ask people directly to follow you and your articles, whether on Medium or other platforms on which you are active. Don’t be shy about inviting readers to follow you at the end of your article. It is a very effective way to express your wishes and tell them whatever you want politely.

8. Purchase more views on SocialStore 

We strongly recommend following our services on SocialStore to get more viewsfollowers, guest posts, and claps. If you want to boost your blog, visit our site and we will provide the services that you need. Benefits the guaranteed and high-quality services.

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