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20 February 2023

Snapchat has converted to a new platform to produce content and affect audiences that are mostly young and are active on this platform. This platform with more than 180 million daily active users that gets 6 billion video views per day has become one of the most popular social media among people.

It is a little difficult to find followers on Snapchat because it’s not similar to other social media platforms and there is no suggestion user list or any contact that you can easily follow. So you need to find new and creative ways to access followers. By getting help from some efficient methods and strategies you can grow your Snapchat followers.

These ten methods can display to you how to get more followers in a short time simply.

1. Convert your Snapchat account to a discoverable one

As we said, it is difficult to find followers on Snapchat, so you need to use other platforms to introduce yourself to others. It is an essential factor that let your followers on other social media platforms know about your Snapchat account and ask them to follow you. Improve your Snapchat existence with a link: Or, use your Snap code that can be easily scanned.
You can improve your Snapchat in some places which we will show you in the following.

Email signature: This is an excellent way to share your account link in your email signature. So add your links to the email footer.

Blog post: introduce your Snapchat account on your blog. At the end of your blog, add your Snapchat account address and invite people to join you on this platform.

Website: Generally, websites are one of the best places to add your accounts there. On a website, the header, footer and sidebar are places for advertisements.

Advertisements: Use print ads, posters, flyers, and jumbotron screens to introduce your Snapchat account.

Newsletter: you need to declare your presence on Snapchat if your account has a newsletter and follow call-outs for Snapchat. Use an icon or Snapcode in the email’s header or footer.
Be flexible because you can make your Snapcodes available everywhere on any social platform.  

2. Consider the quality of content on your account

You need to share high-quality content on your account to attract the audience’s attention to yourself.
Be careful about creating your content in order not to lose your audiences because of the absence of quality. Improve photography and graphics of your content to grab more notice followers.
These are some information to create high-quality content on Snapchat.

File size. Maximum 5MB image and 32 MB video.

File format. Image .jpg or .png. Video: .mp4, .mov, and H.264 encoded).

Full-screen canvas. 1080 x 1920 px. 9:16 aspect ratio.

3. Post your content regularly at the right time

Try to post regularly and consistently, because you need to keep them interacting with each other on your account.
If you post the content consistently, you encourage your followers to engage on your account. Also, identifying the best time to post is another factor to persuade them to return to your content for more watching and reading. It is necessary to know, when is the best time to post
Several successful accounts, share their original content many times in a day on their account. But you need to understand the needs of your followers, then publish.
Snapchatters are active for 30 minutes on average and open their Snapchat application more than 20 times a day. Try to dedicate and get some of these users’ time to yourself and get their attention to your account.

4. Follow other users on Snapchat 

If you follow other users on this platform you can get more engagement with others and boost your content, because your content will be shared with many users and they follow your account. Now if you follow anyone, wait to follow you back, if they won’t, you can return and unfollow them.
This way is useful when you have the time to manage and engage with others.

5. Promote your Snapchat profile on other social media platforms 

Tell your followers on other social media platforms to follow you on Snapchat. If you are active on other platforms and have many followers there, you can invite them to follow you on Snapchat. It is an easy and effective way to boost your presence on Snapchat.

6. Create a plan and do it

Considering a plan and following it can be the next important factor to getting more followers on Snapchat. This is the right of followers to follow a commitment account that offers meaningful and powerful content. You have to provide valuable content and publish it according to your plan.
Identify your follower’s preferences and needs to provide them with something that they can’t find anywhere else.

7. Ask followers to reshare your stories.

Try to encourage the followers to share your content with their friends. Snapchat allows you to share stories with your friends.
If you want to share content with your friends, press down on your desired post to share, then press the blue “send” arrow icon, and finally select the friends you want to share the post with.
This way your followers can share the content or story with their followers on Snapchat.

Albeit, you are not able to see who shared your Snap, you can just see who viewed your original post, and it will attract more users to follow you on Snapchat.

8. Use a filter to make fun of your content

Snapchat allows you to use special filters and lenses to create unique and different content on your account. Your account can benefit from this option by using a lens or filter to customize your content. These lenses are a kind of ad that offers Snapchat’s face recognition software to improve the user’s face or add him or her to a scene.
There is a different feature called Geofilter that is used where you have physical background and events. They are not-moving images that are used over photos and videos to customize your brand. They are two models of simple and skillful images that are usable for any kind of account and size. It is a paid service on Snapchat and the cost varies according to your order. The exact cost depends on the size and how long you want it to use.

9. Design contests

The next excellent way to grab more users’ notice is through contests on Snapchat. Design a contest or a challenge to keep engaging your followers on your account and determine a prize from a supporter company.

10. Buy followers from the SocialStore website

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