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20 February 2023

Likes have a significant role on Instagram and it’s so important for bloggers or Instagram content producers to get more likes on their posts. The more likes you get, the sooner your wishes will come true.

It is a simple move to double tap on a post and like it. This can be helpful to upgrade the page. It has no special cost for followers but increases the general engagement numbers of the post and, finally, the page.

Many people start a page on Instagram hoping to succeed in their business and try to introduce their products and brand to a large number of followers, but after a while, you will see there is no progress on the page. This is because the page couldn’t get the attention of followers and, consequently, couldn’t get a significant number of likes.

These days, around 90% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram, which indicates that there are many local and global brands that are competing with your business. So you need strong content that can increase your followers and likes.

To reach your desired likes and grab the audience’s attention, you need to know several useful tips to get the most out of your content. Some essential factors will become the basis of your page and your page management.

Let’s read more about these tips and useful factors in the following items.

Is buying fake likes a good way on Instagram?

We strongly recommend that you do not do this. It is not a professional act because it can cause your account to shut down.9418009f-9ba5-40b0-99fa-89b97b2114d1.jpgCreating a fake account representing another person, buying fake followers or fake likes are some examples of “coordinated inauthentic behavior”. Furthermore, they can be misleading activities that Instagram does not approve of.

You have to get help in natural ways and increase the likes by improving your page, not by buying or paying the cost for it.

1. Engage with other users

Communicating with other influencers or your followers is an important factor that you shouldn’t forget about.

It is essential to engage with other pages to improve yours. For example, you can like other influencers’ posts, leave a comment under their posts, or react to their stories.

These are some simple items to engage with others.

Moreover, remember you should answer your followers’ reactions too. Appreciate them because of their comments, likes, and other reactions they send to your content.

2. Encourage followers through a Like-based competition

Try to persuade people to participate in a contest. A large number of people like to enter some competitions easily and receive a gift through the post. You can determine a condition for entering the contest by liking it. The giveaway should be tempting to people, and then it will encourage them to like your post.

For example, determine a giveaway for a photo, and have a raffle for the like.

3. Encourage comments

It is obvious to everyone that the best and most high-quality pictures can get more likes on Instagram. Sometimes, there is no need to talk and ask someone to follow you or like your post. When your content is significant, you are comfortable.
But sometimes it’s better to invite your followers to engage with you and share their ideas about you. In this way, they will be encouraged to like your posts.

Ask them to tell you their ideas about your style, your cover, the color, or everything they like.

It can increase engagement and, consequently, increase your likes.

4. Use hashtags correctly

The next suggested tip for you is hashtags. This is a great tool to help your posts be seen more and more, but in the right way.17be9f7b-3c53-4fbc-bec4-1553d8d16d46.jpgYou need to know where to use the hashtags to be effective. You should use the relevant hashtags that are related to your post. Choose 9 to 10 hashtags that are more similar and related to your content and page.

Do not bore followers with too-long hashtags, so pick the short and useful ones in order to find your sweet spot.

5. Write attractive captions

Try to write appropriate captions for your content. Use different phrases which can encourage followers to engage with you such as; asking a question, giving an idea, explain about backstage events, telling funny or emotional sentences, and more things. You can be creative and pick an effective caption before you send it. Your caption can be just as charming as your photos, so it can grab the audience’s attention and spend more time with your content provided it is attractive.

6. Share High-Quality content

The image and appearance are very important on Instagram. You may not believe it, but people are attracted to your appearance and image. The more captivating the image, the more people will be attracted to it.
People would judge your content based on a singular post before even getting to know your content or products.
Right now, there are a lot of quality pictures and videos on Instagram that compete with your content, so you need to put your best foot forward to create the best content.

7. Celebrate Social Media Holidays

When you provide a happy context for your followers, they will be interested in it and like your content. Celebrating the social media holidays can create a happy context for users. It helps you to engage more with your followers and get more likes for your posts.

This celebration can help your page act as a fun bell and destroy monotony. This will excite your page and get more likes for your videos or photos.

Get acquainted with your followers’ preferences and, according to their favorite program, share content on your page. There are many holidays, and you need to know which holidays are the most popular among your followers.

8. Partner with Other Brands and influencers

Partnering with a brand or influencer can be an effective way to reach more followers in the market. And also, more likes.

Find a complementary brand that is related to your content or products. Partnering with the other brand, you can host a giveaway featuring a prize package that has both of your products.

Work and engage with influencers that are active in your profession or provide similar products.

Influencer marketing has been one of the top marketing trends for the past seven years. Around 50% of social media users prefer getting product information from their favorite influencers. It helps your business reach more followers within your target market, increases your credibility, and also gets more likes.

This is impactful and engaging, and it can also help both of you to share followers and get more likes on your photos or videos.

9. Share content when most followers are active

Identifying the peak engagement times on Instagram is essential for bloggers and content producers. If you have a business page, use Instagram Insights to find out when your followers are most active on Instagram.
Undoubtedly, everyone has different peak engagement times on social media platforms compared to other users. But you can identify when most followers are active and share your post at that time.

10. Let them know you

Whether you manage a business account or a training page, if you introduce a brand, or you’re a beauty blogger, people like to know more about your personal life. Allow your followers to get acquainted with your life and feel closer to you. Communicate with them and give some information about yourself in highlights and captions. Furthermore, you can post some personal images on your account so that followers get to know you better. Be sure that you will receive more likes on your content. On a related post, talking about your funny memories and backstage events can be a helpful way to get more likes.

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