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Sitting in the cafe humming the music that the rhythm has gotten you while you are tapping your fingers to the beats wondering “what is the name of the song being played“, is where the Shazam comes in handy for your needs. Fortunately, two college students at the University of California back in 1999 had tackled the issue and come up with a new idea that was solved by a phone call.
Shazam Plays
Early on when the feature was released in the UK you could’ve called Shazam on phone! When the call was ended you would’ve received a text message that included the song’s and the artist’s name.

What is Shazam?

Today, Shazam is one of the world’s most famous music discoverers that identifies your beloved song which you couldn’t have taken out of your mind for days, in a second or two by tapping a button instead of a phone call. You can download the app from the AppStore or simply add Shazam to your control center without downloading it if you are using an IOS device. Give it a few seconds (almost 15 seconds at last) and receive the song’s info in detail as a notification on your top screen.
The app’s popularity swifted when new features were added in the last updates. With a full catalog of the most famous trending songs in your region and country, and the ability to discover among the specific recommended songs based on your taste while you can open and save any directly on your Apple Music or Spotify, millions of users were using Shazam.

The most attractive feature of Shazam is that it is available to identify songs no matter if you are using the app connected to the internet or offline!

Why do You Need to Buy Shazam Plays?

If you are an artist that uses the application to create and be recognized there is no better chance to avail yourself of Shazam to see how the world engages with your music and host live shows to connect and develop audiences to your lifetime fans. This is lead to better performance and job opportunities in your music career field.
With the beating record of Shazam’s popularity among people for finding their favorite tracks, Radio stations take advantage of the Play Counts to capture a better understanding of a song’s popularity among folks and whether or not they choose to play on their station. As an artist, you can never dream of a better window than this to gain fame and monetize your career. Hitting the Shazam top music rank and becoming a favorite is all it takes to have your music widely played on any radio station around the world.
Purchase Shazam Plays

Since “Play counts” take apart as an important role in your success and popularity, you need to pay great attention towards it. They are a significant indicator for your music tracks to gain attraction and be heard widely. Our website has services to specifically increase the number of your Shazam Plays and assist you in achieving your goals quickly by buying Shazam PlaysShazam Followers, and also Shazam Likes. 

Where to Buy Shazam Plays? 

Buying Shazam Plays from SocialStore would benefit you with all the services you need to promote your profession alongside the complete list of services we offer for any social media platform.

SocialStore Services for Buying Shazam Plays: 

Experienced Team

The team that we have gathered has applied years of social media marketing and developed experience and knowledge in the area of purchasing Shazam Plays. This is why our services are backed up by the most adequate features.

Safe and Secure  

In SocialStore you are never in danger of having your payment information stored or being asked for your Shazam account login credentials, all the transactions are guaranteed to be encrypted on our website and the payment methods vary in four different safe ways including cryptocurrenciesPerfectMoneycredit cart, or Payeer.

New Easy Way to Buy Services

We also have a very simple way of buying your Shazam Plays with a slider that allows you to drag an order size that fits your budget and engagement needs with the affordable prices being marked on top. 

Real and High-quality Shazam Plays

All of the Plays are sent from real accounts with high engagement rates you can see the results after purchasing from our quality services in your Overview section, where the view key metrics such as Shazam Insights and Top Shazams are illustrated.

Fast Delivery 

SocialStore instant delivery services complete your campaign within 2-3 days, according to your order size.

24/7 Support System

Moreover, our agile supporting team of hard work staff is available all day long to directly issues your bug fixes and problems. Feel free to share your case of matters and if you are looking for a consultation for the best purchase to increase your Shazam Plays and eventually your popularity. Our team would contact you immediately. 

How to Purchase Shazam Plays on SocialStore?

You can add your orders by:

  1. Heading to the top of the website 
  2. Choosing your preferred number of Plays to purchase for your Shazam account by dragging the button over the slider 
  3. Adding your purchase to the shopping cart,(you can also add services for Shazam Likes and Shazam Followers to boost your account incredibly),
  4. And finally enter your Email address with your chosen music track URL
  5. Your order is submitted in less than an hour and our managers will start to generate your purchased Shazam Plays efficiently.


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