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Buy Facebook Comments

If you are running a social media advertising campaign, getting quality feedback is incredibly important to get better results and efficiently make adjustments as needed. But obtaining comments can be difficult for vendors and marketers to achieve. In this article we explain how Comment Buying sites help increase your conversion rate by automating the process of obtaining comments from your target audience.

What is Facebook comments?

Facebook Comments is a feature on Facebook that allows users to leave feedback for pages and posts they like. When you leave a comment, your name and profile picture are automatically shown with the comment. You can also control whether your profile picture is used in comments by setting your privacy settings.

Facebook Comments

Buy Facebook comments and supercharge your popularity. Comments are one of two ways users can engage with the content they see. Although liking is also important, comments tend to be more effective since they tend to be specific. Facebook marketers, influencers, and brands typically use the comment section as a member engagement and feedback source because engagement is more relevant than likes in that space. If you want likes for your Facebook posts too, you can use our Facebook likes service.

Buy Real Facebook Comments

Buy Facebook Custom Comments

Buy a product from our website, and the odds are high that you will gain organic likes, followers, and comments. Sometimes a user will follow your posts just because they see that many people like it or leave comments on it. With this time efficient AI, your posts will be more dynamic than ever before because of this one purchase.

What do I need to leave a comment on Facebook?

To leave a Facebook comment, you’ll first need to be signed in to your account. After you’re logged in, head over to a post or page you’re interested in and click the “Comments” link on the left column. From there, you’ll see the “Leave a Comment” button at the bottom of the page.

How do I make my comments visible to other people?

Your comments are visible to everyone who has contributed to that post or page. However, you can choose to make your profile picture only visible to people who have commented on that post or page specifically. To do this, just click on the “Privacy” link next to your profile picture in the comments section (it’s near the bottom). From there, you’ll see two options: “Make my profile picture visible to all commenters”.

Pros and Cons of buying Facebook comments

Buying Facebook comments can be a great way to increase your reach and engagement with your posts. However, there are also some pros and cons to consider before deciding to purchase Facebook comments.

Buying Facebook Comments

Real Facebook Comments

The Pros of buying Facebook Comments:
1. Cheap – It can be cheaper to buy Facebook comments than to generate them yourself.
2. Instant gratification – You will usually receive the comments within minutes of purchasing them.
3. Good for building relationships Buying Facebook comments shows that you care about your readers and want to build a relationship with them. This will encourage them to return and read your subsequent posts.
4. Can be used for cross-promotion Buying Facebook comments can be used to promote other related content on your blog or website. For example, if you sell a product, buying Facebook comments could be used to promote reviews of the product. This can lead to increased sales.
5. Helps with SEO – Buying Facebook comments will help improve the rank of your post in search engines, as commenters are often considered an organic traffic source (i.e., they come from people who are searching for information specific to your topic).

How to buy Facebook comments

Looking to buy Facebook comments? In this article, we’ll show you how to purchase Facebook comments in bulk and get the best deal possible. We’ll also teach you how to choose the right provider and how to keep your comments safe and spam free.
Solutions offered by Socialstore
If you’re looking to buy Facebook commentssocialstore. is a great option. we offer a variety of solutions to fit your needs, including bulk buying and setting up automatic purchasing. Plus, we always have the latest and greatest updates so you know you’re getting the best possible service.

Why should I buy facebook comments?

Facebook posts are a powerful way to measure the relevance and quality of your page and content. The more your post receives comments, the greater its visibility (and therefore perceived importance) will be.
However, comments are more difficult to achieve than likes or views. With competing trends in the market, comments are undervalued and competitive.
Buying Facebook comments allows you to boost your social rank, and bypass the effort of engaging with your followers.
Engagement is crucial on Facebook. People like to engage with active accounts. Therefore, the more comments you have the more people (and additional engagement) you will attract.
Larger social interactions on your Facebook account will encourage organic comments and buying a few hundred Facebook comments online helps to amplify the reaction.
Additionally, there is an option to input a few Facebook post likes to further increase your exposure. Price starts as low as $1.97 for 100 post likes.

What makes our Facebook comments service different?

With our contextual commenting service, social media posts will have plausible comment engagement. Backed by experts in machine learning, Facebook comments that enable viral dialog will always make sense given the context of your content.
In order to keep your comments on Facebook, make sure that they transcend any misconceptions.
We allow you to select which words you want your comments to say, while still providing plenty of flexibility. All you need to do is type what exactly you want your comment to say, and we take care of the rest.Learn what experience makes our Facebook comments service different
Our system has been used on thousands of customers, and is constantly being improved. Our company ensures that our customers are always one step ahead!

Will My Comments Decrease?

No matter how many comments you buy, there will never be a decrease in their amount. They cannot be deleted but may unfollow you. Our comment system is in place whether you purchase the robotic or regular options.

How Can I Get More Organic Facebook Comments?

If you want to generate comments on your content, it can be difficult. You should spend time efficiently and carefully commenting on other people’s posts or using hashtags. Get the best results having your content shared by people commenting on your social media accounts. But you don’t need to worry about this if you’re comfortable generating those interactions organically and using a site like Socialstore from begin to end.

Can’t get enough comments? 

Commenting on your blog can make your blog stand out
Didja know you might be a perfect customer if you were just commenting more on posts?
When it comes to commenting, we should praise the privilege of having a voice
Infinite scrolling in Facebook is so addicting that the time people spend on their screens is now too long. They spend their time passively scrolling instead of making comments or connecting with others.
And Active users participate in excess of 3.2 billion comments and likes every single day, so the best way to reach a group of people is to comment on articles. You can also use the website to reach potential customers or readers, who are likely interested in your expertise.

The Benefits when you buy Facebook Comment

There are many different privileges when it comes to Facebook Comment. From our experience, at least one of the following points applies to you. Everyone has their own reasons for buying Facebook Comment, and you need to make sure yours will avail you in the long run.

Benefit from someone else’s Audience

The main reason when someone buys Facebook Comments is to increase the visibility of posts. They can use your comment to benefit in a number of areas, including increasing the value of their investment while driving more traffic back to your content.
If you comment on a post, the algorithm will process your interactions and determine whether people are positive or negative about it. This will help determine how much attention your account is receiving. The more people that follow you, the more chances others have to see your social media presence.


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